Pig is recommended as a stuffed animal

Turn stuffed pigs into soothing goods!
[nipopo online shop] has recommended series

Why not use stuffed pigs as soothing goods?

"Puton" sold at the [nipopo online shop] is a stuffed pig toy recommended for those who are looking for comfort in their daily lives. The curly tail and firm feel are irresistible.

We also carry a wide variety of cute stuffed animals and miscellaneous goods, including popular cat-themed goods and aquarium goods. If you are looking for healing goods, please take a look.

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If you are looking for a stuffed pig toy online, please use the [nipopo online shop], which is popular among adult women. "Puton" is a piglet who loves Momo. It's very comfortable to the touch, and its curly tail makes it even more cute.

In addition to the charming thigh-colored overall version, we also have denim and corduroy overalls, dot hoodies, and fluffy hoodie versions. Please find your favorite pouton from among the many types.

Scene where you give a stuffed animal as a gift

Stuffed animals with a warm and gentle atmosphere make them a great gift for special occasions.


Stuffed animals are not gifts for children. If it is a stuffed animal that is comfortable to the touch, it is also recommended as a gift for adult women.

For the birthday of a friend, lover, or family member who works hard every day, give them a motif of their favorite animal.


Many people think of something special for their anniversary. A cute stuffed animal gives you a feeling of comfort and warmth. We recommend giving the gift along with a costume, as it makes it even more special.


If you give a pair of stuffed animals, you can display them as welcome dolls at your wedding. It will be a good idea to choose a motif of an animal that the bride and groom own or that they like.

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