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The [nipopo online shop] also carries cat motif goods as well as aquarium goods and other sea creatures series (underwater walk series).

Arrange your favorite sea creatures and enjoy your own original sea world.

Stuffed animals (sea creatures) are also recommended as gifts!

For stuffed animals, consider sea creatures. The sea creature stuffed animals sold at [nipopo online shop] are recommended as gifts for people who love aquariums.

Popular items include ``Seal Shittchi'', a stuffed seal that has an unprecedented standing pose, ``Chunchun Penguin'', which has a cute standing pose, and ``Booby Plush'', which makes a sound when you press its belly.

Please find one you like.

Soothing stuffed animal therapy

``○○ therapy'' that brings healing is used in a variety of situations. Among them, stuffed animal therapy is performed using stuffed animals.

Stuffed animals are often thought of as children's toys, but research from the Netherlands has shown that they have a soothing effect on adults. When you become an adult, you can't easily be pampered by those around you. Therefore, many people may not know how to digest anxiety or loneliness even if they are feeling anxious or lonely.

We humans are believed to be able to heal by "touching something." Relieve your anxiety and loneliness with stuffed animal therapy that you can easily practice at home. First, grab your favorite cuddly stuffed animal and move it to a place where you feel most comfortable. Once you've decided on a location, take some deep breaths and give your dog a hug or pet to calm him down. We also recommend calling out the stuffed animal's name.

The purpose of stuffed animal therapy is to ``hug yourself and heal'' by projecting your feelings of loneliness or anxiety onto a stuffed animal and hugging it.

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