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The online shop for miscellaneous goods and stuffed animals [nipopo online shop] has a wide selection of cute stuffed animals and miscellaneous goods, including cat motif goods and aquarium goods.

Therefore, it is recommended for those who are having trouble finding gifts for girls.

We also accept gift wrapping, so if you would like it, please write "Wrapping" in the message field when ordering.

If you are looking for stuffed animals and miscellaneous goods online, we have the recommended series [nipopo online shop]

If you are looking for stuffed animals and miscellaneous goods online, please use the nipopo online shop, which specializes in cat and aquarium goods.

[nipopo online shop] is an online shopping site operated by Naito Design Institute, which boasts sophisticated designs and high production techniques.

Our staff who are familiar with the stuffed toy market carefully produce everything from material selection to design and sewing. Recommended for those who want to place special stuffed animals and miscellaneous goods in their rooms.

About the materials used in stuffed animals

A variety of materials are used to make stuffed animals. By knowing the characteristics of the material, you will be able to get a stuffed animal that is closer to your image.


Cotton is often used to stuff stuffed animals when making stuffed animals, but by filling them with beans, you can create just the right amount of stuffing. It is often used when you want to emphasize hug comfort.


Nylex is easy to sew and is often used as a fabric for stuffed animals. It is also possible to print patterns and logos on the fabric. Their fur is very short and smooth to the touch, making them suitable for mascots.

soft boa

It is a fluffy fabric with 3 to 4 mm hair. It is the most popular material for stuffed animals because it is soft and comfortable to the touch. Even larger stuffed animals can be made with soft boa to make them more comfortable to hold.

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