Miscellaneous goods and stuffed animals can also be purchased online.

If you want to buy miscellaneous goods and stuffed animals online, go to "Naito Design Institute"'s [nipopo online shop]

If you are looking for miscellaneous goods or stuffed animals online, please use the [nipopo online shop], which handles items from the Naito Design Institute.

[nipopo online shop] is an online shopping site that sells miscellaneous goods with cat motifs, stuffed animals, aquarium goods, etc.

Our staff, who are well versed in stuffed animals, pursue the "shape" that customers are looking for while maximizing the ideal curves and cuteness.

We are confident in our design and production techniques, so please find your favorite.

Miscellaneous goods and stuffed animals mail order [nipopo online shop] is also popular with adults

[nipopo Online Shop], which sells miscellaneous goods and stuffed animals, is a popular shop among adults as well.

So that you can feel "healing" in your daily life, we not only made it look cute, but also paid attention to its size and feel, with an emphasis on comfort.

By collecting your favorite series, you can use them as interior decoration for your room, so please use them as soothing goods for yourself or as gifts for your friends.

Cute ways to store stuffed animals

Some people may be worried that they collect too many stuffed animals and don't have a place to put them.

By being careful about how you store stuffed animals, you can store them cutely even if you don't know where to put them.

add to basket

Even if you have too many stuffed animals to display, you can easily store them in a basket. There are many cute baskets, so choose a design that matches the atmosphere of your room.

poke one's head out of the box

It would be very cute if you put a small stuffed animal in a box such as a tissue box and just expose its face. Suitable for those who want to decorate their interior.

use a hammock

You can also use lace or net-like fabric as a hammock to store your stuffed animals. It is recommended for those who are unable to decorate their room due to space limitations, as it allows you to effectively utilize the empty space on the ceiling.

If you are looking for stuffed animals online, please visit [nipopo online shop]

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