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If you are looking for a stuffed animal (pig), please check out the [nipopo online shop], which is recommended for adult women. The stuffed animals from [nipopo online shop] are recommended for those who are looking for ``healing'' and ``cuteness'' in their daily lives.

In particular, the cute little pig "Puton" wears peach-colored overalls, which is his charm point, and has become a popular stuffed pig for its feel, appearance, and photogenic quality.




Tips for sewing

With the spread of SNS, the number of apps that allow you to post photos, such as Instagram, has also increased. Did you know that "sew-taking" is attracting attention?

Stuffed photography is a photo shoot that features a stuffed animal as the main character. In order to take even cuter pictures of your favorite stuffed animals, be sure to learn some photography tips.

First, adjust the shape of the stuffed animal. Pay special attention to the face, which determines how cute it is. In addition, we pay special attention to the shooting spot (background), brightness, position, and camera angle to make it look good on Instagram. Instead of just focusing on stuffed animals, you can create even cuter photos by adding a story to each photo.

You can also expand the range of fun by using friends, props, and changing costumes while referring to picture books.