Stuffed animal (cat) shop

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If you are looking for a cat stuffed animal, please visit the [nipopo online shop], which boasts sophisticated designs.

There may be some people who like cats and collect stuffed animals as well. The stuffed animals sold at [nipopo online shop] have a reputation for being cute and of high quality.

We have cats from a variety of brands, so we recommend them to those who are particular about their facial expressions, texture, and size.




    Choose a cat as your stuffed animal! You can purchase it online at [nipopo online shop]

    Please look for stuffed animals at the [nipopo online shop], which has a wide variety of cats.

    [nipopo online shop] is an online shopping site that carries a wide variety of brands.

    We also have the "choo choo cat" with its round eyes and pink cheeks, the "Blue World" with its impressive big eyes, and the "Maru no Osanpo" with its adorable round body. Please find your favorite cat from our extensive lineup.




    Proud design and high quality

    Naito Design Institute, which operates the [nipopo online shop], is proud of its sophisticated designs and high production techniques.

    In order to pursue the ideal design, specialized sales promoters work together with a dedicated factory that is familiar with stuffed animals to finish the product, from material selection to design and sewing. The Naito Design Institute is characterized by its focus on softness and warmth, which cannot be processed by computers, and pursuing the "forms" desired by customers.

    In addition, the [nipopo online shop] not only carries adorable and soothing stuffed animals, but also a wide variety of original miscellaneous goods and stuffed animal costumes. Please come and see for yourself the design and production techniques that are possible only because we are familiar with the stuffed animal market.