Underwater walk series with stuffed sea creatures

    Sea creatures now available as stuffed animals [nipopo online shop]

    The Underwater Walk Series, which features sea creatures as stuffed animals, can be purchased at the [nipopo online shop].

    Also popular are the ``Korokoro Rium'', which has a cute round shape and pink cheeks, the ``Jellyfish Plumeau'', which has cute gradation-like colors, and the ``Fuwamoko'' series, which is a fluffy stuffed animal with pastel colors.





      Sea creature stuffed animals are popular and have a reputation for being cute.
      [nipopo online shop]

      If you are looking for stuffed animals of sea creatures, please check out the [nipopo online shop], which has a wide selection of cute and popular items.

      The underwater walk series available at [nipopo online shop] features cute sea creatures.

      We also recommend the seal mascot ``Asarashitchi'', each of whom has a favorite fish, and ``Underwater Walk Munyu'', which is made of stretchy fabric with powder beads inside and is extremely comfortable to the touch.

      Get your favorites and enjoy your own sea world.





        History of stuffed toy production at Naito Design Institute

        In Japan in the 1960s, stuffed animals were high-quality imported goods. It was in 1971 that Hisako Naito, the founder of the Naito Design Institute, opened a design room as a designer. After working as an exclusive designer for companies such as Onward and Mattel USA, he became independent in 1975.

        In 1973, we began designing and manufacturing original stuffed animals upon request from major wholesalers. Now, through trial and error, we are making it a familiar everyday item that everyone can pick up and incorporate into their daily lives, thinking it's cute.

        The important thing is to be particular about the drafting method, production process, and material selection in pursuit of loveliness, and to pursue a balance that makes the stuffed animal endearing. Naito Design Institute faces today's ever-changing trends, proposes designs, plans, and networks that respond to ``current sensibilities,'' and continues to create stuffed animals that everyone will find cute.