Sheep & Momon Flake Sticker

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A flake sticker filled with lots of loose illustrations of Sheep & Momon. When you rub the sticker, it has a faint peach scent. Enjoy by sticking it on your notebook, memo pad, letter, or wherever you like ♪ [Contents] Big stickers (approx. 6.5 cm): 1 pattern x 1 sheet / Art stickers (approx. 1.5 cm): 5 patterns x 7 sheets each /Hologram sticker (approx. 1.5cm)/5 patterns x 7 each

This is the "Puton" series, a baby pig who loves peaches.
He wears overalls with the trademark [P] on them.
In addition to stuffed animals and stationery, we also offer short anime, LINE stamps, LINE Kisekae, and more!
I always take it easy and go at my own pace.

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