Plush costumer (sea bathing set) [L/M/S size]

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``Plush Costumeer'' is a ``stuffed animal costume shop'' where you can enjoy dressing up various stuffed animals. [Beach bathing set] is perfect for the summer season! The set includes a float, swimming cap, and seawater pants. The back of the hat has elastic so it fits easily on the stuffed animal's head♪ The pants can be adjusted by tying the strings tightly.
Dress up your favorite stuffed animal and make it cute★

*This product is made for general use with stuffed animals, and is not exclusive to any specific product.

[L size]
Head circumference up to 36cm/waist circumference up to 35cm
[M size]
Head circumference up to 31cm/waist circumference up to 26cm
[S size]
Head circumference up to 18cm/waist circumference up to 15cm

This is a costume series exclusively for stuffed animals.
Available in a variety of sizes, you can enjoy wearing it on your favorite stuffed animal or mascot.

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